• Willow Lennard

My Name - A Personal History

1. Write about your name. Where did it come from? What does it mean?

This is the first of my personal history posts, so it feel only right to start with my name.

My First & Middle Names are, Willow Thames and my Surname has legally changed three times.

I was born with the surname Day.

My maiden name is Smith.

And my married name is Lennard.

For me, my name is paramount to who I am and how I identify. Growing up with an unusual name wasn't always easy, but I adore my name and am proud of the person this name represents.

My Sister chose my middle name, Thames. My sister is named after a river and wanted me to have a river name too. Being only six years old and living in South London, she chose the River Thames.

The river that runs through London, starting in the Cotswolds (an area of south east England) and ending in the North Sea. (REF: Cambridge Dictionary)

My Parents chose my christian name, Willow. Whilst pregnant with me, my Mum knew someone who had named their child Cricket. My Dad remembered that cricket bats are made from willow wood and willow trees also grow on the banks of the River Thames.

A tree that grows near water and has long, thin branches that hang down, or wood from this tree. (REF: Cambridge Dictionary)

When I married my husband I finally felt like I had found my true identity, after so long feeling lost. Having a family of my own now and marrying into a wonderful family, has been one of the greatest privileges. My name now means the absolute world to me and I couldn't be prouder to be a Lennard.