Sister Sister

Point 5: Do you have siblings? Write about them.

My Big Sister

My Sister is a relatively private person and I don't often talk about my family online anymore, to try to respect their privacy. It has only been through this "write your personal history" journey, that I have been promoted to write about my family again.

I grew up living with my sister until I was about twelve, when she went away to university. For my entire childhood I admired her greatly and when I was really young I actually wanted to be her. Due to our seven year age gap, my sister had a lot of responsibility to take on in her teens and would take care of me as a parent would, when our Mum was training to become a Midwife.

My Sister has a fascinating, stressful and extremely important job as a civil servant. The whole family are beyond proud of her and all she continues to achieve professionally. My Sister married and is a dog mum to their beautiful, cheeky, a bit naughty, gorgeous boys. As far as I am aware, my sister leads a happy life.

My Sister and I look similar, have the same mannerisms and similar voices — people often get us confused over the phone on when overhearing us in a group setting. In fact, there are certain pictures of us both (under the age of 8), where not even our parents can tell us apart. We were both born on a Tuesday and both born 10 days late, but despite our many physical similarities, inside we are chalk and cheese.

My Sister and I have lead drastically different lives, so from that aspect we don't have much in common, but growing up we had multiple similar interests. My Sister physically looks more like our Fathers side of the family, she's gifted academically, olive skinned, perfect teeth, so naturally beautiful and has our Mums personality. My Sister laughs a lot, has a good sense of humour and is devoted to our Mum. I would consider them to be best friends, they are just so close and I know how much Mum treasures their closeness. It was reassuring for me when I moved away, that Mum still had my Sister right by her side.

When it comes to my Sister, I don't like to say too much these days not just because of her job but because we lead such different and separate lives these last few years, I would like to be respectful of her privacy. So, instead I will continue to speak about my new sibling, who is also important to me.

My Step Sister

When my Dad remarried, I was blessed to be introduced to a lovely human being, My Step Sister. Like my birth Sister, she is older than me by about 8 years and such a kind person. My Step Sister is also a civil servant and a mother of two. I feel privileged to call her children my niece and nephew and that they call me Auntie, too. I don't see her as much as I would like to, but we live quite far apart and her life is so busy.

One of the things I admire most about my Step Sister is how she has embraced my Dad into her family and allows him to be the best Grandad to her babies. I have a lot of time and a lot of love for my Step Sister and all of my Dads family. They have welcomed my little family with open arms, they include us in all family events and it is like we have always been this way.

My Step Sister is a phenomenal mother and role model to her children. Both of her children are so polite, courteous, well-behaved, loving, caring, kind, curious, intelligent and full of life and joy! It is a real pleasure to watch them grow, flourish and to be a part of their lives. I adore watching them with my Dad and Step Mum. Seeing them as Grandparents helping to raise two gorgeous little people, just fills my heart. My Step Sister also has a lovely Husband and Father to their children. He is light-hearted, relaxed, a real joker and just an all round solid dude. It must have been a huge weight off of our parents minds to see how well we all get along.

Stay tuned for the next post in line, Point 6: Where did you grow up? What do you remember about the place?