My Birth

Point Two: When and where were you born?

I was born at 07:01am on Tuesday 13th July 1993, at St Helier Hospital in Carshalton, South London. I was a healthy weight and size, bright red in the face and according to my Sister, I looked like E.T for a while!

Based on what I have been told, I believe mine and my Mother's experience whilst in hospital was a positive one. I was delivered swiftly and in the presence of my Father and Sister. Being healthy and the second born child, I was home with my family rather quickly. We had some visitors whilst in hospital, my maternal Grandparents being amoung them.

I have always had a loving and strong bond with my maternal Grandparents and they were in fact the people who gave me my favourite and dearly treasured childhood (and early adulthood) teddy bear.

From roughly the age of seven, I had a dear friend in my life called Hobbz. It wasn't until we were adults that we realised we were born in the same hospital at very similar times. It has often felt like destiny, that Hobbz was to become my best friend for 20+ years! Hobbz and his lovely family are a huge blessing in my life. Hobbz has been there through it all, we have supported each other the whole way and to be honest, Hobbz has become the Brother I never had. It's a comforting feeling knowing we were together from the start.

Keep your eyes peeled for my next instalment in the "write your personal history" challenge, where I will be talking much more about my Mum.