Mother Dearest

This post is dedicated to my Mumma. There is a big part of my physicality that I get from my Mum, many people say I'm more like one parent than the other, but the truth is I am a real mix and those parental traits are strong!

Point Three: Write about your Mum. What would you like people to know?

My Mum is exactly 30 years my senior, she has two children (both daughters), of which I am the second. Mum has a slim frame, a beautifully dark and sharp bob, glasses that enhance her big green eyes and a laugh that allows everyone to laugh with her. Mum grew up in a community in South London and then raised our family in the neighbouring town. Mum is the third of four children (two sisters, one brother) and is blessed with two phenomenal parents, who are even better grandparents. Although I have moved away from my hometown in South London, Mum still lives there along with; her younger sister, her eldest daughter and their families.

My Mum is an intelligent woman and has worked on the frontline this year during the Covid-19 pandemic, as a midwife. Understandably, my Mum has a job that is challenging and time consuming, but she is so good at her job and I can barely remember her doing anything else! I've never met anyone who doesn't enjoy working alongside Mum or a colleague who doesn't sing her praises. It's amazing to know the my Mum is a trusted and respected medical professional, it fills me full of pride as she has worked her butt off to achieve all she has!

Mum is passionate about so many aspects of life, but nothing comes close to how much she adores her friends and our family dogs. I remember the days where we lived at home as a family, over Christmas we would get hundreds (no exaggeration) literally hundreds of Christmas cards because Mum has always had a large amount of friends and acquaintances. It is reassuring to know that Mum is surrounded by a large group of friends and has her closest relatives nearby, now that I no longer live near to her.

I know how much Mum relishes being Nanny to her 4 doggy grandchildren, dogs have always brought Mum copious amounts of joy. Mum is a fabulous dog Nanny and all mine and my Sisters boys just adore her. But Mum loves no one in this world like she loves our beloved family dogs, Buttons and Chippy. Chippy passed away almost 18 months ago and it has left a real hole in the family. Chippy is survived by his big brother, Buttons and since being alone with Mum, Buttons has become even more of a Mummy's Boy! I never thought he could be more attached to Mum, turns out I was wrong. Buttons will be turning 13 at the end of January 2021, he's definitely a bit of a grumpy old man now, but he is even more loving too. Mumma's life revolves around Buttons (in a good way), he couldn't be more loved and cared for and they are bonded like nothing I have ever witnessed before. It's beautiful to see.

I take after Mum in many ways; my laugh, my smile, my cheeks, the shape of my teeth, my green eyes, the emotional side of my personality, a loyal friend (sometimes to a fault), my sense of humour, my pale English Rose complexion and the fact that everything and everyone has a nickname! We even communicate in our own language at times, it is bizarre - I can just look at Mum and know what she's thinking or trying to say and vice versa. My Dad used to say we were Witches! I also get a lot of traits from my maternal side, mainly my Nana and my Mum's younger Sister. I have the same fingers, toes and feet as my Mum's Sister and the same face shape, complexion and love of true crime, as my Nana.

I also inherited the Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome gene from the maternal side of the family too, but obviously that wasn't discovered until a short while ago. I have strongly suspected since I found out, that this gene come directly from my Nana. However, until they can conclusively identify the exact HEDS genome, that cannot be confirmed.

Mum is much closer to my Sister than she is to me, they live close to each other and they are extremely similar. Mums side of the family are all undeniably close, in proximity to their homes and in their relationships with one another, it isn't the same with me. I have my Dads personality and I think in the same way as my Dad. Unfortunately, that means I often clash with some of the family members on Mum's side. I chose to move away to the Surrey Hills for the sake of my little family and that put distance between us, meaning I don't see Mum as much as we would like. I'm so lucky that Mum works in the borough where I live because she can occasionally pop in after work, which is always nice. We speak regularly on the phone and via FaceTime, Mum never fails to make me laugh my head off!

A few months ago, I had a scary health event occur around 2am. Anthony is self-employed and being that time of morning, he didn't have adequate time to contact his clients and rearrange their training sessions for 7 hours time. I needed to be seen at my specialist hospital in central London, we called 999 but they couldn't take me directly to my specialists. It would take a vital ambulance out of area and cost too much money, so we had no choice but to ring round the family and ask for support, but no one answered the phone!

Within seconds of me beginning to panic, Mum rings back and instantly jumps in the car to come and get me. In those early hours of the morning, Mum drove from South London, to my house in East Surrey and then back across and through to central London! I had lost quite a lot of blood, had developed a nasty infection, needed emergency surgery and had one of my vital tubes replaced and reinserted. In those circumstances I don't have an option, I must go to hospital. Due to the complexities of my various health conditions I cannot just be treated at any hospital, I need my specialist teams.

Mum was a real saviour that night, despite the pandemic she knew I needed her and dropped everything to help me. Mum gave up her sleep, her time, her money and risked her own health, to make sure I had the care I needed. Thankfully, I have some of the brightest minds in the country in charge of my care, so Mum could be reassured I was certainly in the most capable hands. Because of Mums quick actions, I got the help I needed and avoided another extensive surgery. Which in turn, meant that I was home and out of debilitating pain within days! That never happens, we were all shocked at how well I was able to recover than from previous emergency admissions.

This post, kind of says it all about Mum: she's absolutely hilarious, a friend to all, intelligent, always smiling and the ultimate crazy dog lady! Love you, Mumma.

Keep your eyes peeled for my next post, this one will be about my Dad.