Living in Space

Point Eight: What was your childhood bedroom like?

My childhood bedroom was a place of dreams. I remember going on holiday to my grandparents house, where I went every summer so my parents could work. I am a summer baby, born in July, so my birthday present was to have my bedroom fully redecorated to match me, my personality and my obsession with space.

As usual, my Dad excelled himself and I was over the moon! I selected my colours whilst with my grandparents (in the form of play doh) and Dad made me the most wonderful bedroom. It was pale pink, purple and sky blue, I got a new bed that Dad had made from scratch, all built in with three overhead units and such a deep built in wardrobe, that I could climb inside and hide for hours. The whole ceiling had been intricately painted with planets, stars, moons, shooting stars and they glowed in the dark! I remember barely sleeping the first night I was back in there because I felt like I was in space.

My bedroom was tiny! A single bed would fit width ways in there, but you had to force the sides down the wall. Dad had rebuilt the entire inside of the room for me, so much so that my wardrobe was what extended so deeply into that, "useless" space above the stairs. If I remember rightly, the majority, if not all of my toys were kept downstairs in the lounge because I had no room to actually play in my room. But as a child, I didn't care because I loved my bedroom!

Apart from my bedroom in my own house, that was by far the best bedroom of my life!

Thanks Daddy❤️