Favourite Places, Names & Faces

Point Ten: What was your favourite place as a child?

Does being in my Dad's arms count? Honestly, as long as I was with my Daddy, I was the happiest little girl alive. To this day, my Dad remains my best friend in the whole world. Dad is certainly my safest place/person, but

My Mums side all originate from Norfolk and as a result, I have travelled all over Norfolk with my Grandparents, as they were my parents childcare over the school holidays. The best childhood memories and certainly the best and happiest family memories, are either with my Grandparents, on holiday with them or at their home. To this day, visiting my Grandparents house is just like going home, especially now my childhood is no more.

To this day, I remain firmly a Grandad's Girl and my Nana is one of my best friends.

It was always a dream of mine to live in Norfolk, specifically Norwich City. At about 14 years old, I desperately wanted to move into the city and live with my family who are there. I am still a firm Norwich City supporter and had I not met Anthony, I would be living there now. I have friends living in; Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire and I absolutely love that part of England. If my health didn't stop me from travelling frequently, I would travel to see my family and friends as often as possible.

Every Christmas as a child, we would go as whole family to stay with my Grandparents and visit one of the UK's most highly rated Santa's Grottos. It was the highlight of my year and even as I got older and no longer believed, it was still such a magical experience. When our Milly was born, I was 10 and then the magic reignited for me for many years.

As the years moved on and we finally had or own children, there was the magic yet again! If my Grandparents and extended family hadn't made these family traditions, I wouldn't have such amazing memories or stories to tell our daughter. Now she too can share in the magic, family traditions and experience the same wonderful places, names and faces as I have treasured my whole life long.