• Willow Lennard

Chapter 29

Last week, I celebrated my 29th birthday. I've been surrounded with love, laughter, family, friends, generous cards & gifts, as well as wondrous birthday wishes. I feel truly grateful and look forward to my belated birthday celebrations, which have been postponed due to ill health.

I've spent the last few weeks navigating a wide range of emotions and situations and truth be told, I wasn't excited for my birthday to come around. However, this year surprised me and it ended up being the best celebration than I've had in years. It felt amazing to be happy about my birthday again and has me looking forward to the "B I G 3 0" next July.

In true Willow style, it couldn't be an important event in my life without me being poorly enough for multiple hospital trips! This birthday saw me battle horrendous blood clots and now a big bleed, but thankfully not to the point where I am having to be back in hospital. I was just well enough for our girly dinner out at my fave restaurant, but have since been on bed rest ever since.

Having said that, I have a mini break booked at the end of July with two of the amazing women in my life, an afternoon out with my Auntie planned & a spa trip that we postponed, plus a meal out with my Dad. And after all that to look forward to, I cannot wait for our new car to arrive!

My phenomenal husband has bought me a new car for my birthday, one that fits all my needs and helps support my comfort during travel, which is something I struggle with. Anthony works tremendously hard and has as usual compromised his wants for mine and our families needs. Above all else, I am beyond grateful for my Anthony and I don't just get him on my birthday🤍.

Again, thank you all, for the cards, gifts, flowers, well-wishes and continued support.

Here is to making my 29th year the best one yet.

WL x