Buttons & Leash Dog Training, is our family run business.

My husband and I officially founded B&L in June 2019, after we lost our youngest Labrador - Chippy. When I met my husband, I already had my two Labradors (Buttons & Chippy) and after 5 years together, I bought him a Belgian Tervuren Shepherd, who we named Tywin.

Chippy is survived by his big brother, Buttons. Buttons & Leash is their legacy.

We had a slow and steady start to the business during the first 6 months, as we were only operational on a part-time basis.As Covid-19 hit in early 2020, my husband was made redundant from his full-time office job, so we used his small redundancy package to make Buttons & Leash his new full-time occupation. It is something we have wanted to do for years and his redundancy just gave us the opportunity we needed to make our dreams a reality.

Working with animals (especially dogs) is definitely Anthony's calling in life, many people call him "The Dog Whisperer". As I am terminally ill, I cannot work but I do co-own the business and support Anthony in every way I can. 

For more information, to book in some dog training session or to visit the Buttons & Leash Shop, please click here.

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