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Treasuring Every Moment

In 2013, Willow Day received her diagnosis of Vascular & Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome & various other co-morbidities. The majority of these illnesses have no treatment or cure, so Willow really only had two options. She could either accept the diagnosis &  face this invisible beast, or she could give up all hope there and then & waste what time she had left.

Now it is 2021, eight years have rolled on by since Willow's original diagnosis & she is a whole new woman. Willow fell in love, married the love of her life and became Lady Willow Lennard. Willow shares two beautiful daughters with her Husband, Anthony. They have one daughter Earth-side & one in Heaven.

Willow is a self-confessed 'crazy dog lady', who is surrounded by loyal friends & family. These people are a fantastic support system & that system, enabled The Lennard's to found their very own business in 2019. Anthony is now a highly successful entrepreneur, who owns Buttons & Leash Dog Training, in the Surrey Hills.

In 2017, Willow founded Terminally Tough. This is a place on social media where you can keep up-to-date on Willow's life, offer or ask for advice, immerse yourself in the chronic illness community, receive much needed support or have Willow work with you as your personal advocate. 

Willow is now a motivational speaker, a blogger & has written articles for prestigious publications. The Lennard's have raised money for Ehlers-Danlos Support UK & Willow continues to raise awareness for invisible & chronic illnesses, through Terminally Tough.

But most of all, Willow enjoys seeing the amazing difference Terminally Tough has made to other peoples lives. Through Terminally Tough, Willow will continue to campaign in the UK, on issues such as; ableism, disability discrimination, medical funding for certain treatments, benefits, equality in parenting, children's rights, father's rights, step parents rights, disability sex education, all aspects of accessibility, appropriate disability-friendly hotels, housing & hostels etc.

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Terminally Tough, documents one young woman's journey through life, whilst battling chronic and terminal illness.

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